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Borderline Personality Disorder & False Accusations in Military Sexual Assault Cases

Overview of witnesses:

–someone knows what happened. Investigation is the key for DC & TC.

key witness: first disclosure: all aspects of victim emotion, behavior, detail, reasons for delay; why choose this person (logical disclosure instead of police?)

–anyone who saw any part of the incident itself; interview all of them, even those favoring victim, or accused

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evidence limited only by your interviews; someone in unit knows the dirt, and probably the facts; use paralegals (properly trained) to discover friends & enemies of offender and of victim

– ask the victim; ask her friends who would know about the offender
— ask the offender who would know about the victim
— always ask at prior assignments. Misconduct? Sexual Harassment?
— civilian record check on arrests even if no convictions;


— former significant others are a great source; sex offenders frequently have personal violence
history; take effort to track down these “ex-es.”

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