Scientific Evidence :

1.DNA (USACIL has new staff dedicated to Sexual Assault); DNA can be found on buttons, clothing, belts, bedsheets, floor, sometimes even on door handles; consult or learn where it may be found; even late reports or washed clothing can yield DNA;

– insist on DNA testing where it is likely to exist,

–Corroborates that this accused had sex with the victim

–if TC relies on an admission by the accused, TC must put that statement in evidence, with its
exculpatory story. Accused is much less likely to testify.

2. Trace Evidence: look for hairs, fibers: test them; {TC & DC: be aware of challenges to “trace
evidence” contained in the “NAS report”;2}

3. transfer of evidence goes both ways! – look for victim’s DNA, hair, fibers on the offender;
command authorization to search or consent to CID agent needed for suspect sexual assault
forensic examination kit;

4. test the evidence (consult with USACIL, but decide for yourself what needs to be tested

–relying on an admission of the sexual act requires the government to introduce the
exculpatory statement of the accused, which is usually bad trial tactics

–panels expect testing

–often corroborates the victim’s report;

— may be exculpatory & discoverable {DC: insist on testing in the right case}

–present even negative results (at least you tried! Avoids “the government could have
tested that evidence, but they didn’t”)

Our Lawyers Defend False Sexual Assault Allegations

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