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Overview of consent as a defense:

1. Element of pre-2007 Art. 120; government burden beyond a reasonable doubt

2. Statutory defense to 2007 Art. 120 (Oct. 1, 2007);

-Benchbook position: government burden beyond a reasonable doubt; see United States v. Prather, 68 M.J. 338 (CAAF 2011) http://tinyurl.com/9426g6q;

3. NOT a statutory defense to 2012 Art. 120(f) (crimes after 28 June 2012)

-[see Offender as Witnesssupra, obtain concessions] -how did he know she “wanted him”?
-did he use force?

-“Rough sex” defense common & ridiculous (“sex is for pleasure or procreation. Getting
strangled sounds like a lot of fun, huh?”)

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