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Inmate may not waive clemency review. Death sentence cases are not eligible for review by boards. Sentence is 12 months – 10 yrs NLT 9 months after confined Sentence is 10-20 years NLT 24 months after confined Sentence is 20-30 years NLT 3 years after confined Sentence greater than 30 years NLT 10 years after confined (for offenses after 16 Jan 2000) Life w/o parole NET 20 years after confined (requires Service Secretary Approval) 12 months to 20 years Annually 20-30 years After 3 years 30 years to Life w/o parole After 10 years Life w/o parole Every 3 years after 20 years of confinement (requires Service Secretary Approval)

False Accusations of Sexual Assault in the Military & Why Are They So Common?

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