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SJAs will ensure that each victim and witness in an incident that is prosecuted at a GCM or SPCM, or investigated pursuant to UCMJ, Art. 32, in those cases not disposed of by GCM or SPCM, receives a victim/witness evaluation form.

  • SJAs will use DA 7568 (Army Victim/Witness Liaison Program Evaluation).
  • Evaluation forms will be reviewed locally by the SJA and copies forwarded quarterly to Criminal Law Division, ATTN: DAJA-CL, ATTN: Victim/Witness Coordinator, Office of The Judge Advocate General, HQDA, 1777 North Kent Street, Rosslyn, VA 22209-2194, by mail or electronically.

Anonymous submission requirement for DA 7568 and SJA cover letter.

  • The evaluation form may be provided to victims and witnesses by hand, by mail or otherwise, but must be returned in an anonymous manner. AR 27-10, paragraph 18-28d suggests the installation of a drop box away from the military justice section or the provision of a pre-addressed envelope or “other anonymous means of return” to victims and witnesses.
  • The recipients of the evaluation form must be advised that the form will be returned in an anonymous manner and cannot be accepted in any other manner. The evaluation form will be accompanied by a cover letter under the signature of the SJA. The cover letter will thank the victim/witness for assisting the prosecution, and emphasize the need for a response and the anonymous nature of the response.

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