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AR 27-10, 3 October 2011 Chapter 3 Nonjudicial Punishment

  1. Commanders can combine punishments.
  2. No two or more punishments involving the deprivation of liberty may be combined to run either consecutively or concurrently, except that restriction and extra duty may be combined but not to run for a period in excess of the maximum duration allowed for extra duty.
  3. For officers, arrest in quarters may not be imposed in combination with restriction. MCM pt. V, para. 5d(1).
  • Punishment generally begins on the day imposed. AR 27-10, para. 3-21. Unsuspended punishments of reduction and forfeiture take effect on the day imposed. Commanders can delay other punishments for up to 30 days for legitimate reasons (quarters, TDY, brief field problem). However, once commenced, deprivation of liberty punishments will run continuously unless the Soldier is at fault or is incapacitated (cannot pause deprivation of liberty once it has commenced because of a field problem). AR 27-10, para. 3-19b(8).

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