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Military Murder & Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

Court martial Attorneys What Defend Murder and Violent Crimes

The accusation of murder is one of the most severe legal charges. To be more specific, there are several variations of this charge: premeditated murder, attempted murder, and murder. Even aggravated assault that does not lead to murder qualifies as a serious legal offense. If you are accused of murder, aggravated assault, or another significant crime, you must find an experienced criminal defense attorney with years of practice defending similar charges.

Military service members accused of murder, aggravated assault, or a similar charge also need a savvy court martial attorney to aggressively advocate on their behalf in the battle for justice.

The Right Defense Hinges on the Facts of the Case & a Skilled Court-Martial Lawyer

The characteristic facts of the case ultimately shape the legal strategy used to combat the charges.
If you face a murder charge, do not settle for any old attorney. Those in the military need a qualified, experienced, and intelligent military defense attorney on their side. Though it might seem like a long shot to beat the charge, doing so is possible with the right defense attorney’s assistance.

A truly elite defense attorney will invest the effort and time necessary to work with forensic experts, research the evidence of the case and obtain the optimal outcome. So be sure to take a close look at the track record of the military defense attorney you have in mind before moving forward with legal representation.

Consider the Consequences of a Guilty Verdict

Military allegations of murder or another form of unlawful killing such as negligent homicide or manslaughter have the potential to upend your life. If you face such a charge, there is a chance you will be found guilty. A conviction will likely end your military career and potentially a career in the private sector.

If there is a court-martial conviction, the case might culminate in a sentence that includes the death penalty. It is also possible the court-martial conviction will lead to a lengthy prison term or possibly even life in prison. There is even a chance that a military member will be dishonorably discharged or dismissed from service and face additional penalties following a court-martial conviction.

Hire the Right Attorney for Your Case

Perform your due diligence by researching potential legal representatives before committing to one. The court martial attorney you hire must be willing to dig deep into your case’s facts to obtain the information necessary to formulate a winning legal strategy or at least one that reduces the magnitude of the charges and the potential penalty.

The investigation that proceeds after you are accused of murder has the potential to prove quite complex and time-consuming. The legal defense against a crime of this magnitude is likely to hinge on expert testimony from professionals in various fields ranging from ballistics to DNA, forensic crime scene analysis, emergency medicine, clinical medicine, pathology, toxicology, and psychology. An aggressive court-martial defense attorney can attack the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses and destroy the government’s case on cross-examination.

The attorney you select for your case should have experience in successfully defending military service members against the charge you face. Your lawyer should also have experience defending charges ranging from premeditated murder to involuntary manslaughter by an act of culpable negligence and murder through an act that is determined to be inherently dangerous.

Furthermore, you should select the best court martial defense attorney possible for your corner. Your criminal lawyer should have a winning track record of defending murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, conspiracy to murder, and solicitation of murder. An experienced military defense attorney will be able to develop a truly comprehensive and highly strategic legal defense that maximizes the chances for justice being served in the form of proving your innocence or reducing the charges as well as potential penalties.

Do not Lose Hope

If you are facing a murder charge or a charge related to murder such as those listed above, you will be tempted to spiral into a deep depression and lose all hope. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of your criminal defense attorney. Detail exactly what happened when discussing the matter with your attorney, and he or she will have the information necessary to craft a compelling legal defense that results in you retaining your freedom or, at the very worst, facing a reduced charge that results in a lesser penalty.

You must tell your attorney the truth, setting the stage for a detailed legal defense based on the case’s facts rather than half-truths and lies. Keep in mind, everything you tell your attorney is confidential, thanks to attorney-client privilege. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling your criminal defense attorney the truth.

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