Military Defense Lawyer – Your Article 32 Investigation Rights


Your Article 32 Investigation Rights

Criminal defense lawyer, Michael Waddington, discusses the accused’s rights at a UCMJ Article 32 investigation. Call 1-800-921-8607 to speak with a civilian defense counsel today if you have questions about military law, court-martial cases, or the Article 32 hearing.


At the article 32 investigation, the accused has the right to have his case heard by a fair, neutral and detached investigating officer.  At article 32 the accused has the right to be present, the accused has the right to have either a civilian or military attorney or both and the accused has the right to confront witnesses that are testifying against him.  Also to see the evidence that is presented on behalf of the government.  The evidence that the government’s trying to use to put him in prison.

So the article 32 investigation is much more robust than your typical grand jury investigation and it’s something that you should take very seriously.  You should plan your defense at article 32 well in advance, to set yourself up for success in your case.

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