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Cities in Michigan where our military defense attorneys represent service members at court martial and in administrative separations:

Michigan Army Installations where our lawyers practice:

Detroit Arsenal, Warren

The Detroit Arsenal is home to the first-ever manufacturing plant for the mass production of tanks in the US, the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant established in 1940. During WW2 the plant produced more than 20,000 tanks or about a quarter of total production. The original plant is no longer operational and is used for civilian purposes. This plant and others like it in Detroit were considered the “Arsenal of Democracy” by President Roosevelt because of how the city’s automotive industry was able to produce armaments for WW2. Detroit is also an important center for tank research.

Michigan Air Force Bases where our lawyers practice:

Selfridge ANGB Harrison


Selfridge Air National Guard Base is operated by the Michigan Air National Guard in Harrison Township, Michigan. It was built in 1917 and is currently home to the 127th Wing and the 927th Refueling Wing. The 127th comprises of C-130 Hercules and F-16 Falcons while the 927th comprises KC-135s Stratotankers. The base is named after the Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge, the first US officer to be killed in an aviation accident. The only family housing and government-owned complex in the Detroit area is located in the base. For this reason, Selfridge ANGB is now called “The home of the Generals” after having served 150 generals since the base’s first day of operation. The base is now home to 550 active duty personnel, 1720 civilian personnel, and 4,200 reservists.


Michigan- the only state made up of two peninsulas and many islands is located on the eastern part of the north central USA. It is commonly referred to as the Wolverine State, due to the significance of the wolf fur trade in the colonial period. It is situated in the Great Lakes region and has derived its name from the fresh watered Lake Michigan. Its capital is Lansing and the largest city is Detroit. It has the longest coastline in USA after Alaska.

The two peninsular regions are connected via a five-mile bridge over the Straits of Mackinac. Michigan spans over an area of 58,527 sq. mi, excluding the Great Lakes. The land comprises of 56,954 sq. mi and water 1,573 sq. mi. The Upper Peninsula is an adjoining point of the three Great Lakes- Superior, Michigan, and Huron. French explorers colonized this area during the 17th century, and what is now known as Michigan, was haunted by Native American tribes during its stage of inception. This place is known as the central attraction of US automotive industry, as many branded automobile companies have their headquarters here.

Highlights of Michigan

Historically, Michigan was known for its fur trading in colonial times. Towards the 19th century mining, agriculture and timber industry became dominant. However it was only in the 20th century that steel industry started gaining grounds by the advent of engineering know how and technological developments brought in by individuals like Henry Ford, Charles King, Henry Joy and Henry Leland. Detroit and Michigan became the major hometown of the automobile industry which brought a sea change in the socio-economic status of USA and the rest of the world.

Because of its many orchards, one can find any fruit of the world in Michigan. The state is USA’s largest hub for recreational boating, as it carries more than 11,000 inland lakes and is surrounded by fresh waters of the Great Lakes. So it is also known as the ’Water Wonderland’. It is also interesting how the Thumb peninsula assigns a distinctive shape of a mitten to the state of Michigan.

Due to extensive field crops, it is the largest producer of dry beans in USA. It is a major tourist destination from all over the world, and more than 22 million tourists visit Michigan annually to see its resorts, coastline beautiful islands and the Great Lakes.

One can indulge in fishing, swimming, water skiing, hiking and even hunting in its rich flora and fauna. Amongst the hot spots to be seen are –Holland, Mackinac Island and Bridge, Isle Royal National Park, University of Michigan along with others too.

Military Details

Michigan Military Defense

Selfridge ANGB is the prime air force base located in the Northern part of USA in Harrison, and it has 24 subdivisions.

It is a home to 127th Wing and also a centre for Navy Operations Support, Border Patrolling Units, Coast Guard Unit from Detroit and few others.

Now it is only a major training unit and a host of the operational centre of the US Border and Customs Protection. It offers the best and advanced amenities to its citizens ranging from world class health, school and recreational facilities.

The military base comprises Detroit Arsenal Base in Warren and it was built with the purpose of mass manufacturing of big tanks and armored vehicles for military services during World War II in order to outdo the enemy forces and bring an end to the war.

The construction of the entire facility was undertaken by the Chrysler Company which was completed in an astonishing period of just one year. The 113 acres facility which was lying dormant until 2001 is now sold to city of Warren and is now for civilian use only.

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