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Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas was named in 1941 after being dedicated to honor John J. Goodfellow, Jr., WWI Aviator 1st Lieutenant. The previous name of the base was San Angelo Air Corps Basic Flying School which occupied students in January, 1941. Goodfellow AFB provide cryptologic & intelligence training for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps. The base also trains military firefighters.

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The hosting wing at Goodfellow AFB is the 17-Training Wing which includes four groups, fifteen squadrons, staff agencies, tenant units, Army battalion, and Navy & Marine Corps training facilities. The duty of the wing is to produce the best trained service members in the world. The wing is responsible for training Firefighting and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance soldiers. There are four assigned groups to the wing; 17-Training, 517-Training, 17-Medical, and 17-Mission Support.

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Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas

In 1978, returning to the Air Training Command, the base evolved from a brushed closure into a technical training center during the construction phase in 1985. First, the Air Force conducted intelligence training. Then, advanced Air Training began training American soldiers in the Air Force for three to five years and specializing in training personnel in cryptology and military intelligence. When the base was converted to training intelligence specialists, the Aviation Training Command was formed, and the mission grew to develop firefighters, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance experts.

On October 1, 1958, the Texas base under the control of the United States Air Force Security Service became the site of a school that provided cryptology training for students from all four US military services. Gradually the base was moved to the USAF Security Service from Air Training Command. A new mission began training Air Force personnel in advanced cryptological skills required by the USAF for installation. The mission remained the same until the base returned to the Air Training Command on July 1, 1978.

San Angelo Field was designated on June 21, 1940, as the site for pilot training for the United States Army Air Corps. The Air Training Command (ATC) trained pilots at the base from 1941 to 1958. The base also trained airmen in the modern cryptological skills required by the security services. In 1966, the Goodfellow mission was expanded to include joint training in advanced cryptologic skills from US Army, the US Navy, and the US Marine Corps required by the USAF.

Over the next three years, the consolidation of intelligence training led to Goodfellow Advanced Imagery Training at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, Electronic Intelligence Operations Training at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, Target Intelligence Applications and General Intelligence Training at Lowry Air Forces Base, Colorado, leading to identification and closure of Lowrys as a base realignment and closing (BRAC). The base’s roots go back to the 1940s when military buildup established the San Angelo Air Corps Basic Flying School before World War II. The base produced more than 10,000 pilots during the war and still produces leaflets.

To support the increased training burden, the base has been comprehensively modernized and enlarged to become one of the Air Force’s most modern facilities in the 21st century. Round 1 and 2 of the BRAC process transferred special instrument training from the former Lowry AFB and fire safety training from the former Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois to Goodfellow.

The base also offers great exchanges, a large commissariat, and a fantastic MWR facility run by the Good Service Organization. As a non-DoD school, Goodfellow AFB is located in the San Angelo Independent School District. The base is a joint service base and trains around 9,000 students for the service each year.

The Academy’s work at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas, provides the Air Force with cryptological and intelligence training consistent with the IAAFas Reconnaissance Course, which is consistent with the school curriculum. Good Fellow AFB is located in Texas and is named after the late General Goodfellow, an airman during the First World War. The base is part of the Air Education and Training Command, founded in 1993. Its main purpose is to serve as a training ground for personnel in the US Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy.

Other tenants include the 217th Training Squadron of the Texas Air National Guard, the 344th Military Intelligence Battalion, the Center for Cryptology, Marine and Marine Corps Units, the Department of Transportation, and a Tire Test Facility. Goodfellow Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base in San Angelo, Texas. Like most air bases in the United States, it is also a non-flying base.

In August 2010, the US Department of Defense awarded Peter R. Brown Construction a $113 million contract to build a joint intelligence and technical training center at the base. Over time, the mission has grown, and permanent base accommodation has been added. If you would like to participate in a promotion, please contact the Visitor Center at 1-325-654-4122 for information about the base and answers to frequently asked questions about the institution.

Greg Abbott and 13 Texas Military Preparedness Commission members serve as a liaison between the base and San Angelo. In addition, the 17th Training Squadron (17 TRW), first activated at Goodfellow in July 1993, trains US forces, firefighters, and other allied forces. The Wing, which was deactivated in 1991, was reactivated as the Goodfellows Wing’s training wing to provide cryptological and general intelligence training to Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine personnel, students, and allied countries.

Today, the base’s airstrip is used as an intelligence research facility and as a training center for firefighters. On October 19, the base closed its south gate after a military working dog alerted a vehicle. According to an emailed statement from Goodfellow AFB, the dog alerted the base to a suspicious package near South Gate in a vehicle.

The three 1,700 m long runways have a concrete surface and can be expanded for the T-37 and T-38 Talon aircraft. Several such bases were envisaged in Texas, including one in the Fort Worth-Midland-San Angelo triangle. San Angelo was founded by Fort Concho in the mid-19th century and had modern links to the Goodfellow Air Force Base, and residents of West Texas cities have been strong supporters of their military neighbors.

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