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Tips on Choosing the Best Military Defense Attorney

When trying to find the best military defense attorney to try your case in front of a military jury, you should compare several lawyers. Look at:

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-Verifiable Court-Martial Trial Results (was the lawyer lead counsel?)
-Lawyers that have tried AT LEAST 50 Felony court-martial jury trials
Client Testimonials
-Years since they left the military
-Independent Ratings and reviews (Avvo, Super Lawyers, Lawyers.com)
-Years of Experience at as a criminal defense lawyer (not prosecutor)
-Feedback from other lawyers
-What they did in the military (prosecute vs. defend)
-Total number of felony jury trials to a verdict

When looking for the best military defense trial lawyer, beware of:
-Lawyers that have tried only a handful of court-martial jury trials
-Lawyers that recently left the military who have little trial experience (just ask them when the left the military)
-Lawyers that charge much less than other lawyers (you get what you pay for)
-Lawyers that plead most of their clients guilty
-Lawyers that are not well known and respected in the legal community
-Lawyers that claim to be friends with the JAGs, law enforcement, and the command

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