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DoD policy states that the Military Services’ correction programs should strive to achieve uniformity, effectiveness, and efficiency in the administration of corrections functions. Additionally, the Military Departments shall administer the clemency and parole programs to foster safe and appropriate release of military offenders under such terms and conditions that are consistent with the needs of society, the rights of victims, and the rehabilitation of the prisoner. DoD Instruction 1325.7, Administration of Military Correctional Facilities and Clemency and Parole , July 17, 2001; C1, June 10, 2003.

  • Military corrections have three objectives:
    1. Provide a safe and secure environment for the incarceration of military offenders;
    2. Protect the community from offenders;
    3. Prepare military prisoners for their release whether return to duty or civilian status with the prospect of becoming productive Soldier/citizens for conforming to military or civilian environments.

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