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Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault? What to Do If It Happens to You

Overview of DoD correctional facilities:

DoD Correctional Facilities include confinement facilities, Regional Corrections Facilities (RCFs), and a centralized, long-term corrections facility, the United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB).

Confinement facilities (Level 1) provide pretrial and short-term post-trial confinement support. Each service will determine the time limit for confinement at each of its level one facilities. The current norm for the Army is up to 90 days; when necessary the Level 1 facility may confine prisoners more than 90 days, but may not exceed 1 year. A Level 1 facility provides custody and control, administrative support, and limited counseling support for military prisoners. There are currently four Level 1 military facilities:

    1. Mannheim, GE Correctional Facility,
    2. Camp Humphries, Korea Correctional Facility,
    3. Norfolk, VA, Naval Brig, and
    4. Quantico, VA Marine Corps Brig .

Regional Corrections Facilities (RCF) (Level 2) house prisoners sentenced to confinement of five (5) years or less. For sentences over five years, each Service must evaluate its prisoners to determine whether they can be appropriately confined at a RCF (Level 2 facility). A Level 2 facility provides multifaceted correctional treatment programs, vocational and military training, administrative support, basic educational opportunity, employment, selected mental health programs, custodial control, and training to prepare military prisoners for return to duty, if deemed suitable, or to civilian society as a productive citizen. There are six Level 2 RCFs:

    1. Fort Lewis, WA Regional Correctional Facility,
    2. Fort Sill, OK Regional Correctional Facility,
    3. Charleston, SC Naval Brig,
    4. Miramar, CA Naval Brig (also used as Level 2 & 3 for all women),
    5. Camp Lejeune, NC Marine Corps Brig, and
    6. Camp Pendleton, CA Marine Corps Brig.

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