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When You Require a Civilian Defense Attorneys in Papa Air Base, Hungary

We have successfully defended and cleared the names of US service members stationed worldwide. Check out our case results with various military criminal defense law firms.

Our military criminal defense attorneys have gained a name for protecting Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties at Pбpa Air Base, Hungary. If you are stationed at Pбpa Air Base, Hungary, and are under investigation for a military crime, retaining the best military criminal defense attorneys can be the difference between losing everything. Our military counsel avidly fight for Pбpa Air Base, Hungary Military service members in a court-martial and administrative cases sexual crimes, Manslaughter – Article 119, UCMJ, Rape of a Child under Article 120b, Soliciting Commission of Offenses – Article 82, UCMJ, or Willfully Disobeying Superior Commissioned Officer – Article 90, UCMJ.

Our military criminal defense lawyers vigorously defend Papa Air Base, Hungary personnel charged with sexual assault, drug offenses, Aggravated Assault – Article 128, UCMJ, and Indecent Act. We also defend against other crimes under military law.

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Unlike many defense lawyers or your free Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps defense lawyer, taking a plea deal is not something we commonly do. When our military criminal defense law firms take a service member to defend, our court-martial defense lawyers make the prosecution give us the discovery and present overwhelming proof. We take nearly every charge to a jury trial and fight the allegations in front of a military jury.

Our military defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington will not outsource your case to a third party, and we will not power you into pleading guilty at the eleventh hour. In addition, our military criminal defense counsel

has successfully contested court-martials and ADSEP boards in the US and worldwide.

Papa Air Base, Hungary Military Lawyers

Attorney Alexandra González-Waddington, has represented hundreds of US service members charged with Article 120 UCMJ offenses and has aggressively defended some of the most notorious war crime cases from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Alexandra co-authored three of the top criminal trial guides on cross-examination, Pattern Cross-Examination for Sexual Assault Cases: A Trial Strategy & Resource Guide, Pattern Cross-Examination for DNA and Biological Evidence, and Pattern Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses, published by NACDL. These publications are used by criminal defense law firms in the USA and worldwide. In addition, Mrs. Waddington was one of the first defense attorneys to serve as a Public Defender for the Augusta Judicial Circuit.

Our firm’s other founding lawyer, Michael Waddington, graduated from Temple Law in Philadelphia, PA, and is a current member of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, one of the most honored legal groups of some of the top defense lawyers in the United States. Also, some of Michael Waddington’s cases were made into documentary films, such as “Killings at the Canal,” a CNN documentary special that unveils what caused the murders of Iraqi terrorists by Army soldiers. He also commonly teaches criminal defense lawyers cross-examination techniques. Our experienced Pбpa Air Base, Hungary defense counsel, will use our training to fight your court-martial or administrative separation (ADSEP) case at Pбpa Air Base, Hungary.

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Soldiers, Sailors. Airmen, Marines, and Coasties working at Papa Air Base, Hungary, should hire the best military criminal defense lawyers to advise them at their court-martial or administrative separation board. If you or a loved one are located at Papa Air Base, Hungary, and are suspected of a UCMJ offense or if you are dealing with an administrative separation (ADSEP), then reach out to our court-martial defense lawyers before it is too late.

Background of Papa Air Base, Hungary

The Uniform Code of Military Justice forms the backbone of the military legal system. It applies to all active duty, national guard and reserves, and retired armed forces personnel across all branches. If you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime under the UCMJ, you must turn to lawyers for help right away. The unyielding civilian defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington can help. As a former member of the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG), Michael Waddington has a history of representing Papa Air Base, Hungary US service members in punitive and administrative matters.

Papa Air Base, Hungary service members must know their rights. American military members have the Constitutional right to be represented by civilian defense lawyers, so don’t hesitate to hire court-martial attorneys. Call the court-martial counsel at Gonzalez & Waddington to start defending your accusation. Our lawyers will handle your case from start to finish.

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Pápa Air Base Hungary – Military History

The Pápa Air Base, Hungary is a military airbase near Pápa, Hungary. It is the only active airbase in the western part of the country. Construction of the airport began in 1936. There are three active bases of the Hungarian Air Force. In addition to the three main bases, the base also includes two other smaller airfields. It has two runways and three towers and was designed for heavy and light aircraft.

In 1961, the base was built, and a C-17 was sent to the area to perform high-speed training. In 1977, the wing was reorganized as the 47th Tactical Fighter Wing and equipped with upgraded MiG-21BIS fighter aircraft. The wing deployed its first parachute squadron from Papa on 1 October 1939. A second backup cosmonaut was selected and trained in the Soviet Union as part of the Interkosmos cooperation space program.

In July 2009, the wing was selected to conduct Strategic Airlift Capability C-17 airlift operations. In 2010, the base was upgraded to meet NATO standards and accommodate more than 750 HDF personnel. It also has the necessary infrastructure to operate and support the SAR service. The helicopters landed at the base in July of that year. By the end of that year, Papa Air Base had been renamed to the 24th Fighter Wing and was set to close down.

The Hungarian Defence Forces Papa Air Base, established in 1945, was the first Soviet air force Fighter Wing. The wing operated 30 Yakovlev Yak-9 fighters with 450 personnel. The base opened to the public on 26 September 2005 and can now receive NATO forces. And it has continued to serve as the largest logistical airbase in Central Europe. In addition, the HQ of the Hungarian Air Force has an additional mission to provide a safe and stable environment for the troops.

Hard-hitting Pбpa Air Base, Hungary Defense Attorneys

The Papa Air Base is the only active airbase in western Hungary. It was the largest airbase in the Royal Hungarian Air Force in 1944. It is the home base of the 1st Honved Parachute Battalion in August 1940. In May 1941, the wing was joined by the 60th Bombardment Squadron and the 402d Bombardment Group. The 61st Bombardment Squadron was attached to the base on 25 June 1965 and flew missions throughout the war.

Currently, the 39th ABW provides security and medical services for the airbase. It also provides a transportation hub for US personnel in other locations in Turkey. Additionally, the airbase serves as a communications hub, providing vital support to the US military. It is the only location in Europe where SAC is operational. The 39th ABW is responsible for ensuring the safety of the base. It has a number of missions and has about 500 staff.

Hungary Military Air Force Bases

The Hungarian Air Force comprises a large number of helicopters and aircraft. These types of aircraft include the Mi-8, Su-22, and MIG-29. They are used for transport missions and the air defense of the Southwestern part of Hungary. The Ministery of Defence can provide as much as 40 hours of flight time per pilot each year, or it can provide even less. This is a necessary option to keep the pilots skilled enough to fly in combat.

The air force bases of the Hungarian Air Force will be equipped with the latest equipment and training. The Hungarian air defense has a variety of radar systems, which the Hungarian Army and NATO forces will use. The new units will include the SA-4 air defense system and additional radar installations. Another major component of air defense is conventional AAA (anti-aircraft) batteries. As a result of these upgrades, the air defense of Hungary will be enhanced.

The Hungarian Air Force has two operational bases. The 86th Wing operates helicopters and is located in western Hungary. The base was built in 1936 and is maintained by the 86th “Szolnok” Helikopterezred. The museum contains the largest collection of retired military aircraft in Hungary. In addition, the 86th Wing is responsible for the country’s air defense. The 12th Air Defense Missile Brigade is in charge of air defense. Mistral missiles are a lightweight French SAM system.

Pбpa Air Base, Hungary Hard-hitting Military Counsel

After the MiG-29 was retired from service, Hungary upgraded its air force. The Hungarian Air Force purchased four new Zlin fighter aircraft. They are used for training but not for combat. The MiG-21 and Hungarian Sukhoi is still the most recent types of Hungarian aircraft. Therefore, the mission planners could make the best choice for the Hungarian Air Force.

The airport’s location can be seen on an old topographic map but is barely visible on Google Earth. The airport’s homepage describes the history of military use of the base. Unfortunately, the area is also hardly visible on Google Earth. Further research is needed to determine whether the base is a NATO member. The air force had over two dozen MiG-29s and 27 MiG-29 fighters in 2003. The airport is also home to other NATO military aircraft.

The Hungarian Air Force has a large number of aircraft in its inventory. The Hungarian Air Force was created in 1949 and was formally declared an independent service nine years later. This service is still used today, but it was only for defense purposes before the Soviet Union invaded the Soviet Union. The Hungarian Air Force had an air defense force in Croatia and the Czech Republic during the war.

The Hungarian Air Force joined NATO in 1999 and began to replace its MiG-29 fleet with a NATO-compatible fighter force. The Hungarian Air Force is equipped with modern fighters and modernized fighters. Its MiG-29s, known as Eastern Wings, are used for several missions. The 24th Fighter Wing was also equipped with a second squadron of Su-22 planes in 1978.

The Hungarian Air Force Academy has an L-39 jet training aircraft squadron. The Hungarian Air Force also has a special forces division that trains pilots and technicians. The Hungarian Air Force Academy primarily has four squadrons of L-39s. Its L-39s are the largest single unit in the Hungarian air force. In addition, the academy has one squadron of Jak-52 propeller-driven aircraft.

The Hungarian Air Force has 3 Air Force bases: Szolnok AFB and Papa. The Szolnok AFB is the home of the 59th Tactical Fighter Wing. The wing has a strength of about 450 personnel. The other two are at Szolnok. The Szolnok AFB is a full-fledged fighter aircraft base with three squadrons.

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