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When You Need a Court Martial Lawyer in Bedford, MA

Our military criminal defense lawyers have successfully represented service members around the world.

The experienced military lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington have gained a reputation for defending military personnel at military installations worldwide. If you are stationed in Bedford, MA and are suspected of a military crime, then retaining the most experienced defense attorney can be the difference between going to jail or winning your case and saving your career. Our military lawyers defend Bedford, MA military personnel in both criminal and administrative matters. These include defending military personnel accused of sexual assault, adultery, BAH fraud, and other offenses under the UCMJ.

This film is an excellent example of why you should hire the best court martial defense attorneys available

Our military criminal defense lawyers aggressively defend false accusations of rape, child abuse, and sexual assault under Article 120 UCMJ, 120b UCMJ, and 120c UCMJ.

Unlike most civilian military attorneys, or your assigned military lawyer, we do not often plead guilty. When we are hired, we make the military prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We take nearly every criminal case to trial and fight the allegations in front of a panel.

Our military court martial victories speak for themselves. The accused military service member and his or her desired outcome is our main concern. Our military defense attorneys maintain smaller caseloads than the typical free defense attorney so that we can concentrate on each trial on an individual basis. Your trial will not be outsourced to a random attorney and we will not force you into a guilty plea at the last minute. Our military lawyers have fought military court martial and administrative separation (ADSEP) cases in the United States and worldwide.

Bedford, MA Court Martial Attorneys

Our experienced court martial defense attorneys will use our experience to defend your court martial or ADSEP case in Bedford, MA.

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Service members working in Bedford, MA merit the best court martial defense lawyers available to defend them at their court martial or administrative separation proceeding.

If you or a loved one are stationed in Bedford, MA and are suspected of a UCMJ offense, such as sexual assault, or if you are confronted with an admin separation, Article 15, elimination board, or letter of reprimand, contact our court martial attorneys today.

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Military and Travel of Bedford, MA

Bedford is a town within the area of Greater Boston, and it is 24 km north-west of the Boston city. This is in the Middlesex County of Massachusetts in the United States. Bedford is considered as a town. With an area of 36km square(13.9 square miles) as per the census bureau of the United States, Bedford has a land area which is 35 km square (13.7 square miles) and the water is only 0.26 km square (0.1 square miles), in other words, only 0.94%.

This town is around 25 km (15 miles) from the coast. The Concord forms one part border of this town and there is the Shawsheen River flowing through it. This town of Bedford gets approximately 46 inches rainfall every year with the annual snowfall being almost 33 inches. Talking about sunny days, you have around 205 of these through a year. According to the census of 2010 the population here was 13,320.

Key Highlights of Bedford, MA

It was in the year 1640 that Bedford, MA was inhabited. This place was taken from the Billerica with additional land from Lexington and Concord when, in 1729, this was incorporated officially. Initially, the communities settling here, survived on the basic industries and farming.
Places to visit in Bedford, MA

There are lots of interesting places here, and it all depends on what your interests are. You have:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Museums
  • Concerts and Theatre
  • Aquariums and Zoos and a lot more.

You can look for the historical sites which include Bedford Flag, displayed at the Public Library. This flag is the oldest battle flag which is intact. You can also think of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge which is a 19 km (12 Mile) stretch of wetlands of fresh water. You will find wildlife and migratory birds in plenty here.

Education taken into focus

The public school system of Bedford is operated by the Bedford Public Schools. This consists of 4 buildings. Lane Elementary (3-5), Davis Elementary (K-2), Middle School (6-8), and Bedford High School (9-12). You have students from the Air Force Base of Hanscom joining the residents from grade 9 and above. With the METCO program you also have students coming from Boston to Bedford right from kindergarten to graduation. It was in the year 1970 that the previous Centre School had been deactivated. At present, this is the Town Centre and Department for Recreation.

Military Details

Located in Bedford, MA, the Air Force Base is the United States property. It has some of the portions which extend to the towns adjoining like Lincoln and Concord. This facility is used jointly for military and civil operations with Hanscom Field providing charter service and general aviation. This base is a part of the Life Cycle Management Centre of the Air Force. This Centre of the Air Force for Life Cycle Management is responsible for the management of the life cycle of the weapon system of the Air Force, with headquarters at Ohio.

This unit at Hanscom is the host unit of 66ABG (Air Base Group) which is assigned to the AFMC. This Hanscom Air Force Base has been named after an aviation enthusiast, Laurence G Hanscom who died in a plane crash. Laurence G Hanscom participated actively in aviation and found the Massachusetts Civil Air Reserve. Hanscom is able to also support the Joint Force Headquarters of Massachusetts National Guard, Research and development centers of MITRE which are federally funded, the Lincoln Laboratory of MIT and many more groups and companies which are related to the Defense Department.

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