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Massachusetts Military Defense Lawyers

Cities in Massachusetts where our military defense attorneys represent service members at court martial and in administrative separations:

Massachusetts Army Installations where our lawyers practice:

Fort Devens, Devens

Fort Devens was built in 1917 on 5,000 acres of land in Devens, Massachusetts. Originally Camp Devens during WWI it was made a permanent installation in 1931 and named Fort Devens in 1932. During World War II, Devens housed a prisoner of war camp for German and Italian prisoners.

In 1996 the Army post that resided here was closed and parcels of land have been distributed to different state organizations. Today, although not very active, the base is used by the Army Reserve Command and Marine Corps Reserve. Starting in 2008, the Army began construction on three large buildings that are projected to cost around $100 million.

Soldier Systems Center, Natick

The US Army Soldier System Center is 78 acres of US Army land located in Natick, Massachusetts. The center has the primary mission of providing the soldiers of America with the best equipment in the world. With this in mind, the command behind the Soldier System Center has consolidated the full life-cycle management of soldier basic items into a one-stop soldier support organization.

The Soldier Systems Center is tasked by the Department of Defense to conduct research and development of basic supplies such as food, clothing, shelters, airdrop systems, and other combat support items for the soldiers of the US Army. However, the center is also home to various facilities of other services aside from the Army. The most important tenant unit of the installation is the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center.

Massachusetts Air Force Bases where our lawyers practice:

Hanscom AFB Bedford

Hanscom Air Force Base is operated by the USAF Materiel Command and located in Bedford, Mass. The base was established in 1942 and is currently home to the non-flying 66th Air Base wing which is assigned to the Electronic System Center of the Air Force Materiel Command. Hanscom Air Force Base is named after Laurence G. Hanscom, an aviator who was killed in an aircraft accident in February 6, 1941. The Electronic Systems Center of the Air Force Materiel Command is headquartered at Hanscom. Companies and groups connected to the Department of National Defense are also housed in the base. Hanscom Air Force Base’s mission is not related to flying activities, rather, it is to research and develop electronics systems instead of military aircraft hosting.

Westover Air Reserve Base Westover

The Westover Joint Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts serves as a major base for Air Force, as well as Army and Navy reserve units. The base covers more than 2,500 acres of land. The current head of the base is Col. Robert Swain, also the commander of the Air Force Reserve’s 439th Airlift Wing. The base is also the home of the 439th Airlift Wing, the 226th Army Transportation company, and the 26th Marine Regiment. Aside from its military operations, the air base has been used as a a back up landing site for NASA’s space shuttle program. Its two runways are also regularly used by civilian aviation under a joint agreement. Westover also employs a significant part of the population of the city of Springfield.

Massachusetts Coast Guard Bases where our lawyers practice:

Air Station Cape Cod Cape Cod


Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod is located on Otis Air National Guard Base in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The primary mission of the base is to patrol the Northeast coast from Canada to New York City with its 4 Sikorsky MH-60J Jayhawk Helicopters and 4 Falcon HU-25 Jets.

In an average year, Air Station Cape Cod conducts 249 search and rescue cases, saves 51 lives, medevacs 50 people, and assists 89 people in distress. Originally intended to replace Coast Guard Air Station Salem, the base was commissioned on August 29, 1970. The original HH-3F Pelicans and HU-16E Albatrosses were transferred from CGAS Salem and CGAD Quonset Point Rhode Island. The base’s current fleet is highly capable of fulfilling its duties, having the only HU-25 with Aireye, an airborne oil spill tracking and mapping system.

Southeastern New England Woods Hole

With its headquarters in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Sector Southeastern New England area of responsibility is from Manomet Point in Massachusetts to Watch Hill Point in Rhode Island. In spring of 2006 Sector Southeastern New England, also known by its acronym Sector SENE, was established by the joining of Groups Woods Hole and Marine Safety Office Providence. Sector Southeastern New England has eight Stations, four Cutters, two Aids to Navigation teams, and two Marine Safety Detachment units.


Massachusetts, a landmark in American Revolution is a wonderful place to learn American past if you’re a fan of history. Known by several nick names like “Bay State” – where initial settlers made their first colony in bay area, ‘The Baked Bean State’-where Puritans used to serve baked beans and brown bread on Sunday, ‘The Pilgrim State,’ where the pilgrims made their first settlement in Plymouth in 1620 and were governed by first constitution of America called The Mayflower Compact, ’The Puritan State’- Massachusetts speaks volumes about the colonial legacy in America, and it had significant cultural, social and historical and commercial role to play in American history. It is same place where the Salem witch trails took place, and it nourished the transcendental and abolitionist history.

Located in the northeast part of USA Massachusetts is the 4th largest and most populated of all the six New England States.

It is surrounded by important states like Vermont, New Hampshire Rhode Island and Connecticut and New York and Atlantic Ocean in east and south.

Its capital Boston is known as the ‘cradle of liberty’, due to its role in the American Revolution. Massachusetts spreads over an area of 8,284 sq mi (21,456 sq km), out of this the land holds 7,824 sq mi (20,265 sq km) and water takes up 460 sq mi (1,191 sq km).


militarydefenseattorneys_4280Massachusetts is a place of important historical places from the era of American Revolution. It also holds world’s top class educational institutions and Fine Arts Museum.

Four of the very popular presidents of USA have inhaled from Massachusetts namely- John F Kennedy, George Bush, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. It is also the largest cranberry producing state of the nation.

The Freedom Trail in Boston is a pathway holding sites from the famous American Revolution Era. It is also known as the City of Firsts as it holds the first secondary and public high school, and the first college named Harvard. Other prominent schools include MIT and the Amherst College. It was also the colony to have the first printing press, library and newspaper.

As a tourist, one will be swayed away by the number of places and activity centers in Massachusetts. Whether it is art, music, shopping centers, sea food items or captivating islands, there is a place of interest for every traveler. Cape code is a picturesque view of a curving peninsula opening into the Atlantic. Martha’s Vineyard is also another popular tourist attraction..

Military Details

Massachusetts is a home to six major military establishments consisting of air, land and coast guard bases.

The Hanscom Air Force base in Bedford is the largest base, named after a local pilot named L.G. Hanscom, who died in an air crash in 1941.

Hanscom does not carry any flight operation and is mainly focused on electronic and research systems and offers a worldwide support to major Air Force procedures.

Rest five bases are Westover Air Force Base in Westover, Fort Devens Army Base, and Natick based Soldier System Base, The Cape Cod Coast Guard and Sector SE New England.

The military data as of 2004 showed that were are approximately 4000 active military recruits, 7000 National Guard employees, and 3,049 civilian personnel.

Massachusetts is one the few states to have been actively receiving defense contracts and highest defense payrolls, including retired personnel pays, many of whom have either served in World War II, Korean War or Persian Gulf War. Expenditure of a close to $1.3 billion was spent on these veterans in year 2004. Apart from this, the state police force has team of around 2000 active policemen, who are trained and who participate in national and international security events every year.

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