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Pope Air Field in North Carolina, previous known as the Pope Air Force Base, is a military installation near Fayetteville. The field contains hosting organization, U.S. Army Fort Bragg Garrison. Pope Field was established in 1919 and is one of the oldest military facilities in the United States Air Force. It is named in honor of 1st Lieutenant Harley H. Pope who was killed during the same year the base was established. The operations included spotting for artillery and forest fires; carrying mail; development of tactics: and mapping.

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U.S. Army Fort Bragg Garrison is an organization assigned to be the hosting unit at Pope Field. The organization is responsible for providing security, protection, and support to aircraft, fire response, and transient alerts. The units on the base include 43rd AG (Airlift Group), 18th ASOG (Air Support Operations Group), 21st STS (Special Tactics Squadron), 24th STS (Special Tactics Squadron), and the AFCC (Air Force Combat Control).

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