Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma

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The 97th Air Mobility Wings (AMW), the host unit at Altus Air Force Base near Altus, Oklahoma, provides training programs to thousands of students. The Altus AFB, founded on June 17, 1942, was previously known as the AAF Advanced Flying School. Later, in 1953, the military changed the base’s name to Altus AFB. Today it continues to educate students, including participants of flight and aircraft maintenance programs.

The 97th AMW, which is assigned to the 19th Air Force of the Air Education and Training Command,  provides training programs from beginner to advanced levels. Included in the host unit are the 97th Operations Group, the 97th Mission Support Group, the 97th Maintenance Directorate, and the 97th Medical Group. As part of the host unit, these groups are responsible for the following: training flight and maintenance participants on C-17 and KC-135; providing quality life support for military personnel on a local base; providing aircraft and engine maintenance; and promoting quality health, safety, and confidence of active-duty personnel.

The lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington have years of experience defending military service members around the world. Presently, the law firm offers legal assistance to military service members in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and Guam.

Type of Legal Military Services Offered

  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Administrative Separation Boards
  • Appeals
  • Article 15(s) and Non-judicial Punishment
  • Article 32 Investigations
  • Article 120 Sexual Assault – UCMJ
  • Court Martial Defense
  • Discharge Upgrades
  • Letter of Reprimand Rebuttals
  • Military Record Corrections
  • Pre-charge Investigation & Representation
  • Show Cause Boards

If you are stationed at the Altus Air Force Base near Altus, Oklahoma, call the law firm of Gonzalez & Waddington to speak with a reputable military legal attorney. Or visit the Gonzalez & Waddington website to inquire about legal services and/or request information. Whether you are calling or visiting online, one of our legal military attorneys or legal assistants will respond to your request for services as soon as possible.

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