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Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)

Use of multi-disciplinary teams to investigate and prosecute sexual crimes has proven value. The military rarely creates, joins, or uses MDTs (called SARTs in the adult context).

–proven aid to investigation, prosecution and victim care

— rarely formed or joined in military

— minimum membership: prosecutor, SANE, DSS, medical, CID/police, VA

— cross-training of needs/services available –10 Army Gold Book, supra, note 3, pp. 124-25.

— trust among colleagues allows assessment of what each can offer prosecution and what
additional information may be available or needed

— requires active TC involvement; many civilian jurisdictions have established SART; TC should
employ their skill even if none on-base; TC has needed relationship with local prosecutor (on
jurisdictional issues), can use that as an introduction to the SART

Sexual Assault Review Board required at installations: same composition, but historical review
function; can easily be adjusted to preview cases; need to separate from command enough to
avoid UCI, as SARB reports directly to installation commander.

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