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Army Chief Retires After Accused of Stealing $250,000

U.S. v. Army CW4 with 23 years of service in Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern, Germany

Location: Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern, Germany
Accused’s Rank:
Army – CW4
Allegations:  Larceny of $250,000 in BAH and travel pay and a false official statement
Max Punishment: 60 years in prison, Dismissal, Loss of Retirement

Court Martial Case Summary: 

Kaiserslautern Germany military defense lawyers 2Our client, a distinguished Army officer, faced a formidable legal battle. He was accused of stealing approximately $250,000 in BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing), travel pay, and providing a false official statement by allegedly falsifying financial documents. The potential consequences were dire, with the looming specter of a lengthy prison sentence and the loss of his hard-earned retirement benefits, valued at over $3.5 million.

Our military defense lawyers, led by Mr. Waddington, embarked on a determined mission to safeguard our client’s future. Our primary objectives were to protect his retirement and, if possible, avoid a prolonged period of confinement. The battleground was the Kaiserslautern, Germany courtroom, where the charges were fiercely contested before an officer panel.

The government spared no effort in pursuing a conviction, deploying a phalanx of expert witnesses, seasoned investigators, and aggressive financial specialists to bolster their case. The stakes were incredibly high, with our client facing a potential 60-year prison sentence that would irrevocably alter the course of his life.

Throughout the proceedings, we meticulously analyzed the evidence, challenged the government’s claims, and presented a robust defense on behalf of our client. The courtroom became a stage for a clash of legal titans, with both sides vying for victory.

Ultimately, our client was found guilty of some charges but acquitted of others. While not a complete exoneration, the verdict represented a significant victory in our fight to protect our client’s future.

While carrying consequences, this outcome allowed our client to avoid the devastating loss of his retirement and the prospect of spending decades behind bars. He could move forward with his life, albeit with a tarnished record and a financial penalty. The case is a stark reminder of the importance of a vigorous legal defense, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

RESULT: Client retired with full benefits. No dismissal, 90 days in jail (he will serve 75), a reprimand, and forfeitures.

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