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Video: Presumed Guilty UCMJ Article 120 Allegations

Video: UCMJ Article 120 Court Martial Military Defense Lawyer

In this video, criminal defense lawyer Michael Waddington discusses UCMJ Article 120 Court Martial Military Defense Lawyer #militarylaw #militarylawyers #ucmj

UCMJ Article 120 is a critical component of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, specifically addressing sexual assault within the military. This article encompasses a wide range of non-consensual sexual acts, including rape, aggravated sexual contact, and abusive sexual contact.

Under UCMJ Article 120, the use of force, threat of force, or incapacitation of the victim are key factors in determining the severity of the offense. The article also recognizes that consent cannot be given when the victim is asleep, unconscious, or otherwise unaware of the sexual act.

The punishments for violations of UCMJ Article 120 can be severe, ranging from dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of pay to life imprisonment, depending on the nature and circumstances of the offense. The military has taken significant steps in recent years to address sexual assault, and UCMJ Article 120 plays a central role in holding offenders accountable and protecting victims’ rights.

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