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Video: NAS Fallon NV Military Defense Attorneys – Article 120 UCMJ Court Martial Lawyers

Video: NAS Fallon NV Military Defense Attorneys – Article 120 UCMJ Court Martial Lawyers

In this video, military court martial defense lawyer Michael Waddington discusses how to vet and retain the best military defense lawyers and how to mount the best court martial defense in Article 120 UCMJ cases. Mr. Waddington also discusses military sexual assault and UCMJ Article 120 allegations at NAS Fallon, east of Reno, Nevada. Our experienced civilian military defense lawyers defend military cases at NAS Fallon, NV. Contact our civilian court-martial attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon in Nevada is a critical training facility for the U.S. Navy, known for its carrier air wing training program. Military personnel stationed at NAS Fallon may face legal issues under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), requiring the expertise of skilled military defense attorneys.

These attorneys specialize in military law, safeguarding the rights of service members in legal proceedings. They provide counsel and representation in various situations, including:

  • Court-martial defense: Defending against serious charges, ensuring fair trials and due process.
  • Non-judicial punishment (NJP): Advising on administrative actions and helping mitigate consequences.
  • Investigations: Protecting rights during inquiries and investigations.
  • Discharge upgrades: Assisting with correcting military records and upgrading discharges.

NAS Fallon personnel can seek assistance from the Region Legal Service Office (RLSO), offering free legal services to eligible individuals. Additionally, several experienced military defense law firms, like Gonzalez & Waddington (https://ucmjdefense.com/location-serve/cities-we-serve/nevada-military-defense-lawyers/fallon-nv-military-defense-lawyers.html), serve the Fallon area, providing specialized representation for complex cases.

Choosing the right defense attorney is crucial. Experience in military law, a strong reputation, and effective communication are key factors to consider. By seeking counsel early, service members can protect their rights and careers in the face of legal challenges.

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