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Physical Evidence Used In Military Sex Offense Cases

1. SAFE – encourage Sexual Assault Forensic Exam; don’t insist; use at least 96 hours window for evidence; military hospitals give SAFE priority1

2. Clothing – seize, even if washed; remember bedding; no time limits

3. Photos – document everything & everywhere; external building photos (more pieces of evidence look like a better case), neutral locations where victim & offender met, spent time; work locations of v & o

4. Cellphone, facebook, computer photos of the crime; forensic analysis of computer for pornography, e-mail

1 MEDCOM Reg. 40-36 (21 Jan. 2009), 6.b.(3);

5. Demonstrative evidence – create diagrams of all scenes; lists of items seized or tested;


6. Offender – suspect sexual assault forensic examination kit and clothing by command
authorization or consent to CID agent; document offender’s room, even if no contact there (more
information is always better)

What are Collateral Consequences of SEX OFFENDER Registration?

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