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Real Costs of a COURT MARTIAL Conviction and Discharge

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Overview of motions concerning charges:

  1. Amend charges or specifications. R.C.M. 603, 906(b)(4).
  2. Bill of particulars. R.C.M. 906(b)(6).
  3. Multiplicity. R.C.M. 307, 906(b)(12), 907(b)(3)(B), 1003(c)(1)(c).
  4. Sever duplicitous specifications. R.C.M. 307, 906(b)(5).
  5. Sever offenses, but only to prevent manifest injustice. R.C.M. 906(b)(10). In United States v. Giles , 59 M.J. 374 (2004), the CAAF held that a military judge abused his discretion in denying the appellant’s motion for severance of new perjury charges on a rehearing of an earlier drug-related attempt offense. In order to prove the perjury charge, the Government had to prove a materiality element, which required evidence of the earlier conviction. The CAAF stated that the MJ’s ruling caused actual prejudice to the accused and prevented a fair trial.
  • Defective Article 32 Investigation or Pretrial Advice. R.C.M. 405, 406.
  • Discovery. R.C.M. 701, 914.
  • Witness Production. R.C.M. 703, 1001.
  • Individual Military Counsel or Detailed Counsel Request. R.C.M. 506.
  • Pretrial Restraint. R.C.M. 305. I. Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial. R.C.M. 706; 909; 916. J. Change Location of Trial. R.C.M. 906(b)(11). K. Sever Accused. R.C.M. 307; 906(b)(9). L. Reopen Case. R.C.M. 913(c)(5).
    United States v. Fisiorek , 43 M.J. 244 (1995). M. Miscellaneous. See e.g. United States v. Stubbs , 23 M.J. 188 (C.M.A. 1986), cert. denied , 484 U.S. 846 (1987). Defense moved to recuse entire prosecution office because of prior contact between one prosecutor and accused on a legal assistance matter.

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