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Overview of classification review (see Classified evidence in a court martial):

Classification reviews are an essential element to ensure the fair and proper handling of confidential information during a trial. In a fact, a classification review is mandatory before any document can be admitted as evidence. It is the responsibility of the Convening Authority to request that a review be completed. The classification review must:

“1. Verify the current classification level and its duration;

  1. Verify the classification level of the information when subjected to compromise;
  2. Determine whether some other DON command requires further review; and
  3. Provide a general description of the impact on the affected operations.”

A classification review is a time consuming process that can take months, since it can require the cooperation of a number of different agencies. It is therefore important to start it early in the proceedings.

Code 17 Handbook, Chapter 3

Code 17 Handbook, Chapter 3

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