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Closing Arguments Examples: Kick-Ass Closing Arguments Part 1: Closing Argument Template

Overview of challenging classification & document marking (see Classified evidence in a court martial):

Challenging Classification

If an individual in authorized possession of classified information believes in good faith that the information was improperly classified, they have a duty to challenge the status of the information. There is no set procedure for challenging classification; each Agency head or official must establish its own procedure. However, the procedure must ensure that individuals will not be reprimanded for bringing a challenge, that the information will be reviewed by an impartial panel and that there exists an appeals mechanisms to an Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel.

Document marking

A classified document must contain certain information: the classification level, the identity of the OCA, the agency and office of origin, instructions for declassification and a short description of the reasons for classification, as long as that would not reveal classified information.

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