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Elements of Failure to Obey Lawful General Order or Regulation. UCMJ Art. 92

a) There was in effect a certain lawful general order or regulation;

b) the accused had a duty to obey it; and

c) the accused violated or failed to obey the order or regulation.

Maximum punishment:

  • dismissal/dishonorable discharge,
  • total forfeitures
  • two years confinement.

False Sex Assault Accusations & Why Are They So Common?


a) Applicable to officers and enlisted.

b) Most effective when used to charge violations of local punitive general regulations (for example, regulations prohibiting improper relationships between trainees and drill sergeants).

AR 600-20 re: improper relationships is NOW a punitive regulation. Improper Superior-Subordinate Relationships & Fraternization (ISSRFRT)

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