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Camp McTureous, Japan

Camp McTureous is one of the various military bases in Okinawa which is under the larger Camp Butler complex. It is owned and operated by the US Marine Corps (USMC) according to the regulations and limitations set by the Japanese government. It is located in Gushikawa which is close to Uruma and near the Kawasaki village supporting operations and missions by the USMC.  Within the camp are facilities such as residential housing for families, recreational centers and an elementary school among others making the base one of the most luxurious in the region that promote a high quality of life for servicemen assigned in Camp McTureous.

Camp McTureous Overview

Just like the rest of the bases under the jurisdiction of Camp Butler, Camp McTureouswas established around the end of the Battle in Okinawa. It is named as a tribute for Robert Miller McTureous Jr., a Medal of Honor Awardee in honor of his sacrifice and courageous actions during the said battle in 1945 that saved the lives of some of his battle comrades.

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