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Does a military court martial go on your civilian record?

Yes. If you are convicted at a General or Special court-martial, the conviction will likely go on your criminal record. Depending on the type of court-martial and the exact charges, they may appear as Federal felony convictions or misdemeanors. Some military-specific crimes with no civilian equivalent may or may not appear as Federal convictions on […]

How long does a court-martial trial last?

It depends. In the military, the typical felony-level criminal investigation lasts six months to a year. In more complex cases, an investigation can last a year or more. When an investigation is finished, it could take several weeks or even months to decide whether to prefer criminal charges. If charges are preferred, the case will […]

What happens in a military court-martial?

In the military justice system, a court-martial follows procedures outlined in the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. All branches of service in the US military follow the same rules and procedures. Below are the general steps of a court-martial: Preferral and Referral of Charges: The first steps in a court-martial are the preferral and referral […]

Can you win an Article 120 UCMJ sexual assault court-martial?

Winning a sexual assault court-martial can be challenging. Juries tend to side with alleged sexual assault victims. In the military, service members are trained to “believe the victim.” They are taught that false allegations of sexual assault do not exist.  To win a sex crime case in the military, your defense lawyer can focus on […]

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