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  • Sex offender registration (Federal and State)
  • Employment will be severely limited (many employers won’t hire a convict)
  • Inability to enroll in college, university, or trade school
  • Loss of GI Bill
  • Loss of military career
  • Loss of retirement benefits.
  • Loss of VA benefits.
  • Loss of medical benefits.
  • Loss of spouse, family members, and friends
  • Loss of income while in jail
  • Mental, physical suffering before and after prison

Sex offender registration often includes the following:

  • Limits on where you can live, work, shop, eat.
  • Cannot go to parks, playgrounds, schools, churches, fairs, malls, etc.
  • Cannot own a computer or cell phone.
  • No internet access.
  • Not allowed to be around children, including family members, children of your family members, and friends.
  • For example, going to Christmas dinner with a brother’s family (if he has kids) will probably trigger additional charges and jail time. Most convicted sex offenders end up back in prison because they violate strict sex offender rules, not because they commit other sex crimes.
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