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Miley Cyrus song crashes Air Force pilots’ careers

Miley Cyrus Molly Gates Military Songs

By Jeff Schogol October 19, 2015 –  Click here for the full article. Air Force Grounds Pilots for Quoting Miley Cyrus The next time you want to send your buddies a joke text message, remember that it could end your career. Three instructor pilots at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, are facing the end of their […]

Airman charged with lying about housing for dependent

Airman Charged With Lying About Housing For Dependent

By Phillip Swarts – August 20, 2015 A U.K.-based airmen faces charges that he lied to a commanding officer about housing for a dependent, according to charge sheets filed with the Judge Advocate General’s office. SSgt AR, with the 48th Maintenance Squadron, “willfully failed” to notify his commanding officer that a dependent moved to the U.K. with SSgt […]

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