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Marine Corps Detachment Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

MC Detachment Aberdeen Proving Ground Military Lawyer


Located in Aberdeen, Maryland, the Aberdeen Proving Ground is a United States Army facility that was established on October 20, 1917, six months after the country joined World War I. Part of it is a census-designated place (CDP) with a population of 3,116 based on the 2000 census. It is also the US Army’s oldest active proving ground. It was established to replace the Sandy Hook Proving Ground which has insufficient space for the testing of larger weapons. When World War II was at its peak, the Aberdeen Proving Ground had enough space for 2,348 officers and 24,189 enlisted members.

The Churchville Test Area in Harford County, the Carroll Island and Graces Quarters in Baltimore County, Maryland are also part of the proving ground though they are not connected to the main installation. These other parts are areas where the test tracks are located. These places have hills that provide natural steeps and tight turns to stress engines, drive trains and suspensions for army vehicles.

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