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Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

The Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, also known as the MCAS Kaneohe Bay (ICAO: PHNG, FAA LID: NGF), can be found 3 kilometers northeast of Kaneohe, within the Marine Corps Base Hawaii complex. In terms of size, MCAS Kaneohe Bay is considered to be one of the smallest, with only about 322 acres of total property and a sole 4/22 runway.

Formerly known along with the names of Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF) Kaneohe Bay and Naval Air Station (NAS) Kaneohe Bay, the MCAS Kaneohe Bay was first commissioned by President Woodrow Wilson in 1939. Up until the end of World War I, the said military facility aided the United States in the war, though very little is known about its operations back then. After the war, the airfield became idle.

January 15, 1952, marked the re-commissioning of the airfield as a training site for the combined air-and-ground team. Today there are about 10,000 active personnel from the Navy and Marine Corps stationed in MCAS Kaneohe Bay. They are handled by the Marine Aircraft Group 24 and the Navy Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 2. As for squadrons, four Navy P-3 Orion patrol squadrons can be found along the grounds of MCAS Kaneohe Bay, as well as an SH-60 Seahawk Anti-Submarine squadron.

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Our team of military defense attorneys is qualified to aggressively defend and represent clients in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard. We specialize in the following legal services: court-martial cases, pre-charging investigation and representation, UCMJ Article 120 sexual assault, show cause boards, administrative separation boards, Article 15s and non-judicial punishment (NJP), Article 32 investigations, appeals, discharge upgrades, correction of military records, administrative proceedings, and letter of reprimand rebuttals.

In addition to representing clients at Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, our services are also available throughout the United States, Europe (Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Cypress, Belgium, Turkey), the Middle East (including Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Qatar), and the Pacific Rim (Korea, Guam, Hawaii, Japan).

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