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Sexual Assault in the Military

Mr. Waddington has personally witnessed the prosecution of military members suspected of sexual misconduct, even when: -There is no credible evidence -The suspect is innocent -The female is clearly lying -The complaining female has falsely accused multiple other men in the past…and the is no evidence to support her claim New York Times Article – […]

Okinawa Military Defense Attorney

Okinawa Military Defense Attorney

Letter from a client regarding representation at a contested court-martial jury trial in Okinawa, Japan Posted with the permission of the client. Michael, I don’t think I will ever find the words either written or spoken to express the gratitude I or my family feels toward you. Because of you, I woke up on the […]

Thank You from Korea Client’s Mother

Letter from a client’s mother regarding representation of her son at a contested court martial jury trial in Korea, dated 28 April 2008. Posted with the express permission and insistence of client. letter from Korea Client’s Mother Mr. Waddington, I have had a moment to reflect on your defense of my son April 18th, 2008. […]

DEATH OF IRAQI DETAINEE – Murder focus off of Winder, GA GI

DEATH OF IRAQI DETAINEE – Murder focus off of Winder, GA GI By MONI BASU The Atlanta Journal-Constitution November 8, 2007 Good news traveled home along with Georgia soldier Phil Shore. A day after he arrived in Winder, Shore learned that an investigating officer recommended that the Army throw out murder charges against him. Lt. […]

Officers deny impropriety in military abuse case

ALICIA A. CALDWELL Thursday, November 3, 2005 Associated Press Writer U.S. officer found not guilty of Abu Ghraib abuse Two Army officers accused of improper conduct in a prisoner abuse case denied any wrongdoing in a brief hearing Thursday. The hearing centered on allegations that Capt. P, a prosecutor, dined with the Lt. Col. N, […]

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