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Firm Trained on Identifying and Confronting Liars

Identifying And Confronting Liars

Trained on confronting liars by renowned expert Susan Constantine In October 2016, Michael Waddington and Alexandra González-Waddington, traveled to Atlanta, GA for an intensive course called “Evaluating Truthfulness: Never be Lied to Again.” The course is the first of a series that teaches lawyers and law enforcement how to identify deception using verbal and non-verbal cues. The […]

The State of Criminal Justice 2016

The State Of Criminal Justice 2016

NEW BOOK – The State of Criminal Justice 2016 American Bar Association’s new book In August 2016, firm partners, Michael Waddington and Alexandra González-Waddington, wrote a chapter on military law for the American Bar Association’s new book,  The State of Criminal Justice 2016. Book Summary: This publication examines and reports on the major issues, trends and significant changes […]

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