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  1. Receive / review investigation (MP/CID, etc).
  2. Detail a 27D to the case.
  3. Check with Command on pretrial restraint/conditions on liberty/counsel.
  4. Request SMIF/ unit file / 2A and 2-1.
  5. Request OMPF.
  6. Notify MILPO to flag the soldier.
  7. Look for previous convictions.
  8. Interview witnesses / visit crime scene.Consider depositions, as necessary.
  9. Request admin hold on witnesses.
  10. Inspect evidence.
  11. Brainstorm for additional evidence. Friends, teachers, neighbors, relatives, soldiers in command.
  12. Begin formulating:
    • Theories of admissibility for evidence.
    • Case theme (means, motive, opportunity)
    • Closing argument.
    • Sentencing argument.
  13. Anticipate defense arguments.
  14. Coordinate with Co, Bn and Bde on appropriate level of disposition.Militarycourtmartial235 Gonzalez &Amp; Waddington - Attorneys At Law
  15. Obtain personal data for Charge Sheet on the accused.
    • Cross-checked with 2A and 2-1 for accuracy.
    • Double-checked for jurisdiction over the soldier.
  16. Draft charges and endorsements.
    • Check charges and specs against sample specs in BB.
    • Check for jurisdiction over the offense and the soldier.
  17. Requested / obtained Art 32 Officer from Adjutant.
  18. Draft witness list for Art 32
  19. Prepare disclosure of Accused statements learned about through interviews.
  20. Prepare pre-trial SJA memo
  21. Run charges / endorsements / 32 appointment memo through STC, CMJ. Compile preferral packet (inside cover-charge sheet; front 1st flaptransmittal docs; front 2d flap-pretrial SJA memo; back 2d flap-allied papers.)
  22. Checked charges and specs against sample specs in MCM.
  23. Coordinate with Accuser for date/time for preferral of charges.
  24. Coordinate with SCMCA and SPCMCA for date /time of forwarding
    endorsements. (Same day as preferral).
  25. Coordinate with TDS for appointment of DC.
  26. Prepare preferral packet (everything we have to this point). Not mandated by disclosure.

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