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  1. IAW AR 190-47, based on operational requirements and programs, Army Corrections Command (ACC) will determine place of incarceration for all Army prisoners who are sentenced to confinement beyond 30 days. Notification of summary C/M’s remaining in local contract jails is required, including the required confinement documents and confinement checklist. Local contract jails may not be used to confine adjudged prisoners beyond 30 days without prior approval from ACC.
  2. The enclosed checklist is required for any Courts-Martial resulting in a sentence to confinement and will be completely filled out by the primary SJA POC/representative. All required documents will be scanned and emailed to Mike Chvojka/[email protected], Laura Mitchell/[email protected] or Larry Kester/[email protected] or faxed to DSN 328-7722/COM 703-428-7722 (do not e-mail or fax the MPR and ROI. They will be hand carried by escorts).
  3. Reassignment orders: Soldiers who receive a sentence of 121 days or more confinement without a punitive discharge/dismissal, or adjudged a punitive discharge/dismissal will be administratively assigned to the appropriate PCF with confinement at the designated Library of Congress: Military Law correctional facility IAW AR 600-62, Para 3-12. For those prisoners that do not meet the criteria for reassignment the commander/1SG contact information is required (e-mail, phone, and address).Criminaldefenseattorneys94 Gonzalez &Amp; Waddington - Attorneys At Law
  4. The transfer date is coordinated with ACC and the SJA representative/losing unit. The transfer date is not an on or about date. It is the expected arrival date. If the unit is unable to complete the mission on the designated date, ACC or the gaining facility needs to be notified immediately. Before conducting the actual transfer of the prisoner(s), the losing unit or SJA representative will contact the gaining ACC facility and provide the escorts information as well as their travel itinerary. SJA will provide the escorts with the checklist and all required documents to be hand carried to the gaining facility. It is highly encouraged that unit commanders contact the installation PMO for escorting instructions/assistance for high risk/special management prisoners.
  5. ACC Points of contact be Mike Chvojka, 703-428-7701, DSN: 328-7701, Laura Mitchell, 703-428-7705, DSN: 328-7705 or Larry Kester 703-428-7713, DSN 328-7713.

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