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Ashley Madison Names – Leaked Will It Result in Court Martials?

ashley madison names leaked will Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

The full article is posted here: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/08/19/ashley-madison-using-troops-may-have-bonked-their-careers By Steven Nelson Aug. 19, 2015 | 3:31 p.m. Americans overwhelmingly believe adultery is morally wrong, but information stolen by hackers from affair-facilitating website AshleyMadison.com – and posted online this week – may result in more than dirty looks and broken relationships for U.S. military personnel. Court Martial Lawyers – […]

Show Cause Board Lawyer

show cause board lawyer Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

Show Cause Boards/Administrative Separation Boards If you are facing an administrative separation or show cause board, then you need the hardest hitting representation possible. At a board, military personnel face: Losing their career; Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard earned retirement pay and benefits; An Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge, hurting their ability […]

Military Defense Counsel and Conflicts of Interest

military defense counsel and con Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

Military Defense Counsel and Conflicts of Interest Choosing the Best Military Lawyers for Your Case Sometimes, service members accused of crimes in the military will call and say that they are not really sure about their military lawyer, the lawyer that they were appointed in their case. And one of the things that they, that […]

Soldier Avoids Discharge – Gets 30 Days in Korea Brawl

soldier avoids discharge gets 30 Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

By Ashley Rowland, Stars and Stripes Pacific edition, Wednesday, October 7, 2009 SEOUL — A sergeant at U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan was sentenced Monday to 30 days of confinement and a reduction in rank to E-3 for hitting two other soldiers during a street brawl outside an Itaewon nightclub in February in which two soldiers were […]

Unlawful Command Influence – So What, the Case Will Go Forward

unlawful command influence so wh Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

The Wright case moves towards trial by Zachary D Spilman This blog is reposted from caaflog.com/2015/08/13/the-wright-case-moves-towards-trial/ What are Collateral Consequences of SEX OFFENDER Registration? The Wright case is an Air Force sexual assault prosecution that was dismissed last year by Air Force Lieutenant General Craig Franklin. After General Franklin dismissed the charges, authority over the case was transferred to Air Force District […]

Aiken County Deputies Bust An Atlanta Man For 22-Pounds Of Pot

By Danielle Johnson, NBC August 16, 2007 Aiken County deputies arrested a man from Atlanta after they found thousands of dollars in marijuana in his rental car. It happened Sunday morning at the intersection of Old Edgefield and Atomic Roads in North Augusta. Aiken County investigators say Kelvin Spencer of Atlanta had just pulled off […]

Fake Sex Assault Victims Deserve Protection

fake sex assault victims deserve Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

Innocent Men Convicted of Sexual Assault are “Collateral Damage” in the military’s “War on Sexual Assault” What is more important? 1) Protecting military members who are falsely accused of sexual assault; or 2) Protecting alleged victims, including those making false allegations? marine corps why not protect the innocent and abide by the US Constitution which […]

Judge Questions First Trial

Judge Questions First Trial Attorneys told to outline sides of slaying verdicts By Sandy Hodson, Staff Writer Thursday, May 17, 2007 The judge who will decide if six men convicted in one of Augusta’s biggest criminal trials in 2001 are entitled to new trials focused prosecutors’ and defense attorneys’ attention Wednesday on three potential trouble […]

Lawyer fights to win his battles

lawyer fights to win his battles Gonzalez & Waddington - Attorneys at Law

Bagram Prison Abuse Scandal Court Martial Lawyers – Alexandra González – Waddington & Michael Waddington Attorneys at Law   Bagram Detain Abuse Overview According to US and Afghan officials, KABUL — The US military has begun investigating allegations that two Afghan teenagers were beaten by guards in a secret detention center on Bagram Air Force […]

Army Special Forces colonel found NOT GUILTY of Sexual Assault

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) — Army Special Forces Col. KR is a free man after being found not guilty on all charges. After a three day trial, the jury found him not guilty on all five sexual Col. KR was acquitted of sexual assault charges Thursday. (Army) A Special Forces officer who faced sexual assault […]

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