A loop begins with a single fact, leading question. The next question contains one additional fact but includes an important fact from the previous question.

  • Technique.
    1. Listen to any answer that’s not yes or no. Lift any useful word or phrase. Loop the useful word or phrase into the next question. Move to safety.
    2. Example:
      1. The car was speeding ?
      2. The speeding car drove past the formation ?
      3. The speeding car passed the formation and hit the road guard?
  • The double loop. Establish two desired facts using two separate single-fact, leading questions. Then combine both desired facts into one question.
    1. Double Loops can be use to link two facts together or to contrast one fact against another.
    2. Example.
      1. Establish fact 1: PFC Sitler is six-foot-four ?
      2. Establish fact 2: SGT Saunders is five-foot-six ?
      3. Loop fact 1 and fact 2 into a question for contrast: Six-foot-four PFC Sitler beat five-foot-six SGT Saunders?
      4. Six-foot-four PFC Sitler beat five-foot-six SGT Saunders with his fists ?
      5. Six-foot-four PFC Sitler beat five-foot-six SGT Saunders with his fists until he was unconscious ?

      Contrast Inconsistent Facts.

      1. Establish fact 1: PFC Turney is your friend ?
      2. Establish fact 2: PFC Turney stole $100 from you ?
      3. Contrast: PFC Turney is your friend , but he stole $100 from you ?

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