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Child Pornography Court Martial Lawyers

A child pornography charge carries significant jail time and sex offender registration. The general public has a knee-jerk emotional reaction when learning about a child pornography charge against a community member. The bottom line is defendants in internet crime cases are innocent until proven guilty. The public’s rush to judgment does not guarantee the defendant will be found guilty in a court of law. If adequately defended by a skilled court-martial defense attorney, some child pornography and internet sex crime case can be won.

The Stakes are High in Child Pornography Cases


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For internet sex crimes, the punishment for being found guilty is severe. A guilty verdict will change your life for the worse in the years and decades to come. Punishment for child pornography and internet sex crimes range from extensive confinement to a punitive military discharge, mandatory sex offender registry, preclusion from qualifying for specific jobs, and even preclusion from living in the vicinity of a school.

The context largely shapes the penalty for an individual found guilty of a child porn crime.

There are separate penalties for cases heard in federal court and state court. The Department of Justice usually pushes for multiple years in jail following a guilty verdict. Even simple possession of child porn can lead to a jail sentence of several years. An individual found guilty of distributing child porn or receiving child porn will face a minimum of a five-year sentence with the potential for it to extend up to 20 years.

However, if the defendant is not a first-time offender, the penalty is even harsher. Military defendants with a prior conviction might be sentenced to 40 years of jail time. Everyone accused of a child porn crime should be aware that such cases can start at the state level and move up to the federal level, making the penalty for a guilty verdict that much more severe. This is precisely why you need a proven child pornography criminal defense attorney in your corner.

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The Subtleties of the Evidence Matter a Great Deal

The unique facts of your child pornography case are of the utmost importance. You need and deserve a fully customized legal defense strategy tailored to the specifics of your case. However, some internet crime attorneys are unwilling to invest the time, effort, and research necessary to custom tailor a legal defense to each client’s unique case. Meet with a child pornography defense lawyer who has a track record of success defending individuals against these serious charges, and you stand a decent chance of retaining your freedom with minimal or even no penalty.

Myriad Child Pornography Defense Strategies are Available

The subtleties of your child porn case ultimately dictate which legal strategy will prove optimal. An experienced internet crimes defense attorney will analyze your case’s details and decide the best legal defense strategy.

for example, someone might have planted child pornography on your phone, computer, or another device. Perhaps a vindictive ex-spouse or co-worker planted the illegal material on your computing device. It is also possible a roommate or another visitor used your web-connected computing device to download child porn or other illicit materials.

Perhaps you mistakenly left your wireless internet connection open for anyone in the area to use. Such an unsecured connection sets the stage for others to use your wireless internet to download child porn through your unique IP address. Though it rarely occurs, there is even the potential for police to put child porn on a computer or other computing device to frame the defendant.

Don’t assume you will automatically be found guilty simply because you have been charged with child pornography. An experienced attorney will analyze all the subtle details of your case to craft the optimal legal defense that ultimately helps you beat the charge and return your life to normal.

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the quality of Your Court-Martial Attorney Often Impacts Your Outcome

If you are accused of a child pornography offense of any type, your life chances hang in the balance. This is precisely why you need an elite child pornography defense attorney who will fiercely advocate on your behalf to reduce the charges or have them eliminated. Rely on a savvy internet crimes defense lawyer, and there is a good chance you will regain your freedom through a dismissal of the charge or a withdrawal of the charge.

If the case goes to trial, your attorney will zealously advocate on your behalf to prove your innocence, obtain an acquittal, negotiate for a reduced charge or a decreased sentence.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of a child pornography crime, your attorney might be able to get your conviction overturned through a legal appeal.

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