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Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico was built in 1942 as the Army Air Base. It is located near Clovis, N.M., and home to the 27th Special Operations Wing (SOW). The base’s services are morale, welfare & recreation, and facilities to accommodate military families, civilian employees, retirees & contractors possessing Dept. of Defense identification cards. Cannon AFB’s responsibilities are planning and executing operations using the latest advanced technology aircraft, tactics, refueling by air and re-supply operations and providing intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and air support.

The 27th SOW is the host unit at the base and assigned to the Air Force Special Operations Command. 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron provides support to over 12,500 air commandos & families and military retirees.

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Cannon AFB Military Lawyers – Sex Assault Court Martial Attorneys Air Force

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Cannon AFB Military Lawyer –  Air Force Sex Assault Court Martial Attorney. Military defense lawyer, Michael Waddington, discusses Air Force sex assault court-martial cases at Cannon AFB. Call 1-800-921-8607 to speak with a civilian defense counsel today.
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